inlovecupid1This Valentine’s Day do something extra special for your man.  Take a step back from the traditional chocolates and plush toy, and give him something unique and creative.  The extra thought will blow your guy’s mind and make him even crazier for you.   Below I have listed different and creative gift ideas for all types of men. I hope this helps you find that something special for your special someone.


100dollar-03The Achiever/Business Man:

                        Uniform: Suit and tie

                        Activities: Club member, business and pleasure travel, New York Times

The majority of these men enjoy the nicer, higher quality things.

BUY:  Visit “Things To Remember” and personalize a pocket watch, flask, or desk top equipment.

BE CREATIVE: Put together a wine basket of his favorite wine and add Gourmet foods. For an extra add a reusable personalized wine cork and cork screw.


The Guys Guy/Sports Jock :

                        Uniform: Jeans, tee shirt, hat with favorite team’s logo

                                       Activities: Sports with the boys, video games, tailgating

BUY: Tickets to favorites teams game, subscribe to the full sports lovers package on the T.V., or buy a couples gym membership for the year.

BE CREATIVE: Put together a full tailgating cooler for him. Include BEER, snack mix, things for BBQ, Beer coolers and throw in some team memorabilia.  He’ll love it and even will think of you when he is at a guys only tailgate party.


The Geek/Computer Nerd:

                        Uniform: Varies from glasses and tight pants to Star Wars tee shirts and a blackberry attached to their hip.

Activities: WOW, Online gaming tournaments, anything that has to do with a computer

BUY:Lap Top Skins, gaming tees, high tech and very comfortable mouse pad, gift cards (Best Buy, etc) new headphones, and GAMING KEYBOARD.

BE CREATIVE:Buy him Tickets to E-3, Blizzcon, or Comicon  (Ladies these are gaming conventions. )  Why is this creative you ask? Cause you have to find a costume to go with them.


The Soccer Coach Dad:

                        Uniform: Khakis, button-down, #1 dad tee

                        Activities: Kids soccer games, full time dad, BBQ with family friends

BUY: BBQ set and #1 COACH apron or trunk and seat back organizers.  This way everything will be ready and easy to find during game time.

BE CREATIVE:  Make dad his #1 TEAM calendar. This will include pictures of your family and your little star at his/her’s sporting events.  Your honey will love to show off his little super star to all the guys at work; not to mention his hot wife.camp_fire_2


Adventure man:

                        Uniform: Fleece, Gore Tex, Khaki shorts

                        Activities:  Rock climbing, Camping, Hiking

BUY:  Picture taking Binoculars, Compass wrist watch, or new Fleece Jacket.

BE CREATIVE:  Create a survival guide for in the bedroom. Start with a scavenger hunt the ends in the bedroom. Once he succeeds this task be ready in “uniform” with your home made survival guide to tend to his muscles.


man-in-black-jacketMetro Man:

                        Uniform: Designer from head to toe, man bag

                        Activities: Watching Nip/Tuck, Cocktail parties

BUY:Try colon, an espresso machine, or designer clothing

BE CREATIVE: Put together a basket of organic toiletries and old fashion hot shaving lather and applicator. Add a personalized hand towel and towel.


The Hipster/Musician

                        Uniform: Converse kicks, cool tees, and laptop messenger bag

                        Activities: Garage Band, band practice, hanging out at Coffee House

BUY:Favorite band hoodies or tee’s, retro sunglasses, or hip accessories for ipod.

BE CREATIVE: Go to music store and buy a metal guitar pick. Take it to ‘THINGS TO REMEMBER’ and have it engraved.


3d_book2The Thinker/Writer:

                        Uniform: Cashmere cardigan or sweater vest

                        Activities: Pondering while sipping a single malt, Sudoku, reading the paper

BUY: Leather bound journals, subscribe to ‘WEIRD’ magazine, gift cards, photo rubrics cube

BE CREATIVE: Write your own short, steamy, love story for him to read and after role play the scene.  Remember to be all about him.


The Country Clubbergolfer

                        Uniform: Classic, preppy clothing with loafers

                        Activities: 18 holes with collage buddies

BUY: Automatic Return Putting Cup, subscribe to ‘Golf Digest’, Couples Tennis lessons

BE CREATIVE:  Put together a golfer’s Tee Off bag. Include personalized putter covers, tees, and golf balls.  Don’t forget to through in putting cloves and “On The Green” snacks  


troutThe Out Doors Man: (My Type Of Guy)

                        Uniform: Hunting vest, plaid shirts and roughed up jeans, cow boy hat

                        Activities: Hunting, fishing, visiting sporting good stores as much as a woman shops for shoes.

BUY:  He will love a Fish Sonar Wristwatch, an angler vest instead of a tackle box,  or go ahead and buy him that hunting gun he’s been eyeing for a while but just hasn’t gotten around to buy yet.

BE CREATIVE:  Cut deer prints out of black paper and place them from the garage, where he enters the house, and lead him to the bed room (or place of choice) where you will be waiting  his arrival in the new hunting jacket you bought him and camouflage lingerie with hunting gun in hand (if possible).  This will blow his mind.   





How much will you spend for great hair? UK studies say on average a woman spends $62,000 on her hair in her adult life time.  That is enough to put a child through college or buy a new car. Sounds crazy, right? Well what if I can tell you that you can keep the $10 – $40 that you spend all the time on professional products. Instead take a visit to your kitchen’s refrigerator and pull out an egg. That’s right, an egg!

     Eggs hold a significant amount of essential proteins and nutrients that can work as magic on your hair.   The high protein content in eggs can be used to strengthen hair follicles. Likewise, the nutrients work much like volumizing conditioners and give your hair texture and a nice shine. 

There are many home recipes to make your own egg-based conditioners with the addition of small amounts of other cooking ingredients. For example, the addition of olive oil and lemon juice are among the most common. However, the application of a raw egg or eggs (depending on how thick your hair is) is a very simple yet very effective way to thicken and strengthen your hair. Below I have listed a few of the other egg-based combinations to help you achieve the effect you want/need for your hair. I hope you enjoy.


To give a nice shine to dull hair:

     Mix a whole egg with equal parts lemon juice. Whisk into mask. Apply to hair and leave in for three to five minutes. Rinse out thoroughly.


For those who love to swim in the ocean or pool:

     Beat 2 egg yolks into a paste. Add 1/2 tsp. olive oil and beat the mixture again. Slowly and steadily add 3/4 cup of lukewarm water. After shampooing, massage this conditioner and leave it for five to ten minutes. Rinse out thoroughly.  (This helps put moisture back into you hair.


To smooth and moisturize your hair:

     Mix together 1 egg yolk, 1 tbsp. honey, 1/2 tsp. almond oil, and 1 tbsp. yogurt. Make a frothy paste and apply it to your hair. Leave in for 30 minutes or more. Rinse thoroughly.


To achieve soft and smooth hair:

     Once a month whip up two raw eggs. Separately mix together equal parts of vinegar and hot water. First massage raw eggs into hair. Let dry. Shampoo and then give vinegar and water rinse.


Warning: Always rinse hair with lukewarm water. If too warm egg will partially cook and harden, making it very difficult to rinse from the hair.